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Sex Unleashed in Modern Society – Exhibitionism

September 28, 2017

Sex Unleashed

Warning: Reader discretion is advised. The content within this series is intended for mature audiences only and is only for educational purposes.

Over next few weeks, I will be writing a series called “Sex unleashed in modern society”. I will be focusing on the sexual nature of our society, underground sexual practices and also delve into the realities of sex and humanity’s perception of sex. The primary goal of this series is to educate the masses about the world of sex that exists right under their nose—as well as help men understand that they are not alone in their desires, fetishes and sex drives.

It is important to understand that the experiences within this series are mine and mine alone, but as I have found that many people can relate to them, I am bestowing my wisdom on you the reader.


Jason Graves We’ve all heard from years gone by of men walking over to someone with a trenchcoat and opening it up to reveal they were wearing nothing underneath “flashing” someone. Or of the crazy college kid that ran out on the football field wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers and his birthday suit “streaking”.

For some, being naked or being seen naked is arousing or exciting.

The dictionary defines exhibitionism as; extravagant behavior that is intended to attract attention to oneself or in its driest form, The compulsion to display one’s genitals in public.

I would choose to carry it a step further to “The compulsion to display one’s sexuality or sexual prowess to others.”

Now, let me pick apart that last sentence for a moment: To display one’s sexuality or sexual prowess. I myself am an exhibitionist. Now, I am not about to go over to someone that I don’t know and open a trench coat to expose myself. A true exhibitionist is not a real exhibitionist without a voyeur (someone who is stimulated by seeing someone expose themselves). I find nothing arousing about showing my body or doing something sexual in front of an unwilling audience. For me, the turn-on is knowing I’m turning on others.

Sometimes it’s about the risk of being seen

Jason Graves Outdoors
The author during a nude outdoor shoot.

I’ve had sex at night in a park, had sex in front of others at sex clubs, performed (sexually) for groups of people at parties and even have had sex on nude beaches. Nearly always it was because someone was turned on at the idea of seeing me naked and I, in turn, was aroused to show them. But part of the turn-on is also knowing you might get caught. I have always tried to take appropriate measures to ensure that it is relatively safe, for example: if I was having sex with someone on a nude beach, I would ensure that either a) there are no people in easy sight of us or b) that there are already people having sex within sight of us.

Exhibitionism can be complex, it’s something that needs to be carefully planned out because of the repercussions (in today’s western society) if you are seen by someone that has no desire to see you, it can mean a sexual assault charge in most areas of the United States, which I will add that I personally find absolutely insane. Many European countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic, and several others have no (major) issues seeing a naked person walking around. Americans are far more “embarrassed” by sex and the human body than any other culture out there (IMO) and I find it very sad considering how progressive a lot of Americans claim to be.

Masculinity and Prowess

Now, I am not cutting out women or those who identify other than male. I am speaking from my own perspective. For me, exhibitionism has a certain element to my masculinity. To show off my manhood and show others that many people enjoy playing with it and how I use it is a validation (for me) in my ability to be masculine and be a man.

Nudist vs Exhibitionist

There are quite a few times I have told people that I was an exhibitionist to which they have reacted, “So you like being a nudist?” Yes, I do like being a nudist, but what I said was, “I like being an exhibitionist.”

An exhibitionist and a nudist are two totally different things. A nudist or naturist as many prefer to be called prefers to be naked at all times, it’s a chosen social component in their life. A naturist doesn’t believe there is any need for clothes other than to keep warm at times. Naturism has nothing to do with sex, it has to do with being comfortable in your skin.

Most naturists that I’ve met do not like the bleed over that naturist seems to get with regards to exhibitionism. I myself, am both. When I’m home, I am almost always nude, I sleep in the nude and if I could get away with being outside my home nude, I would (yes, even at work).

There is nothing wrong with exhibitionism anymore than there is something wrong with voyeurism, BDSM, cross-dressing or any other fetish. That’s all it is – a fetish. There are of course fetishes that are morally reprehensible (IMO) such as bestiality, necrophilia, etc. but who am I to judge? As far as I can tell, exhibitionism is a completely normal fetish when done in moderation and when ensured that the people you are exhibiting to want to see it.

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