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Hello! I’m Sean, originally from the Midwest but now hailing from Boston, MA. I work in tech and I am passionate about technology, design, science, human rights, art, culture, and human sexuality.

Much of my life has been spent in the pursuit of the impossible, often finding I could achieve it if I tried. I have been driven by a strong desire to understand myself mentally, emotionally and sexually and have found in turn that I have a lot to offer others in their understanding of themselves. I do not claim to be a counselor or adviser, I can, however, offer up my own experiences so that perhaps others can learn from them.

My desire with Bi Exposé is to share a piece of myself with the world in the hopes that I can better someone else’s life through my own experiences. It is no mistake that I am using the term exposé. It allows me to expose hidden elements of myself, I myself am also an exhibitionist (fetish-wise) and my writing can also be an exposé on the evolution of the understanding of myself. If there is something I’ve written that resonates with you, please take a moment to let me know.

You can contact me as always through my contact form which will email me directly.

Affiliates and Sponsored Posts

I will sometimes get paid or receive free items for a blog post, which will be mentioned at the bottom of the post. This will never influence my opinion and I will always be completely honest in my reviews. I also use affiliate links on my blog. I will get a little bit of money when you buy something through these links, but you will never have to pay more.

If you want to collaborate with me or want me to put up your ad in my sidebar, please contact me at seanstonemodel (at) gmail.com. I will always mention if a post is sponsored and I will never review a product before testing it.


All the images on my blog are mine and all text is written by me unless stated differently. Feel free to hit the share buttons and share my posts, but please give credit and let me know if you plan to use any of my content on your site.

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